New Firearms

         Cimarron, EMF & Ruger. Taxes apply to Arizona residence. Firearms must be shipped to an FFL in your state. Firearms will not ship to an FFL until a signed copy of the FFL I am shipping to has been received. Your state laws apply to new firearms purchases.

               There is a $35 discount for Premium Action Work when buying your firearm from Classic Single Action.








Cimarron Frontier. 45 LC, 44 WCF, .38/.357, 4 3/4, 5 1/2, 7 1/2  Only ~ $446.00      


With Action Clean-up. Only ~ $496.00 See notes for this gun on my "Opinion" page.


 1st Gen Colt copy with beveled cylinder.        


Very well fitted, quality internal parts.  






Cimarron Eliminator. Factory Short Stroked. Low Hammer. Round barrel and standard SAA grip. 

45LC or.357, 4 3/4 & 5 1/2.  Only ~ $619.00



New 1

Cimarron Model P. Pre-War (Uberti) .38/.357, 5 1/2, Only ~ $490.00            

With Premium Action Work. Only ~ $590.00

** I have three left in .38/.357, 5 1/2  that do not have the retractable firing pin! **




Cimarron Mocdel P. (Uberti) - Nickel -  All calibers and barrels, Only $665.00

With Premium Action Work. Only ~ $765.00

**I have one left that does not have the retractable firing pin! .38/.357, 5 1/2.**




New 2

Cimarron Bisley. (Uberti) 45LC, 5 1/2 or 7 1/2 , Only ~ $525.00

With Premium Action Work. Only ~ $625.00

**I have 2 left in 45LC, (5 1/2 and 7 1/2) without the retractable firing pin!**



DSC 1304

EMF GW II Thunderer. (Pietta) 45LC, 4 3/4 , Only ~ $480.00

With Premium Action Work. Only ~ $580.00



DSC 1305

EMF GWII Alchamista. 1860 Army grip-frame.  45LC, 5 1/2 , Only ~ $525.00

With Premium Action Work. Only ~ $625.00




New Vaquero

Ruger New Vaquero. 45 LC & 357. Blue or Stainless Only ~ $640.00      

With Premium Action Work. Only ~ $740.00

Bisley Model is Available.  Only ~ $705.00 Stainless, 5 1/2





Great Western II "Californian". 1st Generation Colt Replica. Beveled cylinder, wide front and rear sights.

The hand uses a coil spring instead of a flat spring for durability.

45LC or.357, 4 3/4 & 5 1/2.  Only ~ $480.00

With Premium Action Work.  Only ~ $580.00  




IAC R100 .45 ACP  “Wild Bunch Gun”   GI Spec. 1911, With Wide Hammer Spur. Only ~ $475.00

With Action Work & Reduced Power Recoil Spring. Only ~ $575.00



 Classic Single Action Hat . Khaki or Black, Adjustable Band ~ $15.00


Badge or Stop Watch Box. Fancy Walnut
Birds Eye Maple Liner With Velvet Tray ~ $75.00
With Mother of Pearl Inlay ~ $95.00
Loading Block Solid Mesquite, Maple or Walnut.
Twenty Rounds of 45LC or 38spl. ~ $45.00

           Nothing makes a job easier than having the right tools. Using the right screw drivers for the maintenance of your firearms should be a priority. They will keep your screws tight without binging up the slots. Do not use regular screw drivers on your guns! There are a lot of choices out there so I'll give you just three I think are very good.  
           Set #1. For USFA, Colt and Ruger: Brownells sells a Magna-Tip set specifically for each gun model. Pros & Cons; I like these for space saving issues and ease of transport. They are hollow ground and well made. Some people find the magnetic tips a bother as they pick up unwanted material and the tips have a touch of wobble with the handle. A great starter set.  Ruger & Colt $35.
           Set #2. For USFA, Colt and Reproductions: Brownells sells a set made by Grace. This is a three driver set with wood handles. Pros & Cons; The tips are milled for the screw slots and fit most 1873 SAA screws perfectly. They are shorter than standard drivers for better control. The width of the tips are a touch wide and can scar the surrounding areas. Grind and polish the sides down to eliminate this. If you buy the set from me I will do this for you.  $40
           Set #3. For Colt, USFA and all Colt Reproductions: Custom made handles with your choice of wood, $100-$200. This is the #2 driver set with hand turned handles and solid brass ferrules. Set shown is mesquite.
Drivers 1

Set #1


Drivers 2

Set #2


Set #3


Authentic Colt Army Issue Screwdriver Reproduction


  This is a faithful reproduction of the screwdriver that was issued to the US Army with their Colt SAA in the 1800's. It is crafted entirely by hand from tool steel. The driver is hardened and heat blued with hollow ground tips. This would be a great tool to have for the SASS shooter or historic reenactor as it fits in the smallest of pockets and is easy to use. You can find a picture of one of these original screw drivers on page 108 of R.L. Wilson's book "The Peacemakers".  Only $50, firearm not included.


  Tool  Gun