Imitation is The Most Sincere Form of Flattery


Case #1

 Back in March of 2015 I answered the phone and the “gentleman” says he is interested in buying a set of my Competition grips for his New Vaquero. Only thing is he wants to try a set before he buys them. Something in his tone makes me feel a touch suspicious, but I let it pass. I explain I have a set just for such requests. The agreement is it costs $10 for my shipping them to him if he decides not to buy a set. There is an agreement enclosed with the grips that states all this very clearly. I send him the grips and the letter the next day. After two weeks I send an e-mail asking if he has had a chance to try them. He responds, they are not what he is looking for. Another two weeks go by and the grips have not returned. I send off another e-mail and there is no response. The grips have never come back.  I begin to get suspicious when a customer of mine is talking to me and explains there is a guy in Kentucky making grips that look exactly like mine and his description is almost the same. I check out his web site and what do I see? Sure enough he has copied my grips. Furthermore what he writes about their shape and design is almost word for word from my web site. Yep the e-mail on his web site is the e-mail we were corresponding with. By the way wax for finish on grips is about the worst thing you could do. It’s cheap and fast though………

(He must watch my web site pretty closely. Three days after I added this section to my web site, his entire description of the grips has changed)



            It was about 14 years ago, back when I used to go to Winter Range and BorderTown. I was set up in a tent and displaying my “wares” at BorderTown and a World Champion shooter, who will remain nameless, came into my tent to check out my grips. He was thoroughly amazed at the how the different shape fit his hand better and how the finish kept the grips from slipping in his hand. He even brought his wife and granddaughter in to check them out. He was about to buy a set and then he said something to the effect of, “You know, I would endorse these grips and allow you to use my name if you would give me a percentage of every grip you sell.”  I explained to him how much time it takes to make grips the way I do and that there just wasn’t room for me to do that without raising the prices. Not willing to pass the extra expense on to my customers I declined his proposal. Two months later I noticed the company that makes grips in India was selling a new grip that was thinner and endorsed by the shooter who had come into my tent. You can fill in the blanks.


No one will ever copy the way my grips stick in your hand. That will remain a secret until I retire.  Also, grips that are not hand made and hand fit to your grip-frame will never fit as perfectly as mine. I hand make patterns from your grip-frame that are .005" oversized, then make your grips from this pattern. Then I hand fit the grips to your gun flawlessly.  I have over 4000 patterns, all with the serial numbers of the guns they were made for. No one else in the world does this.